Getting Enough Water?

We love our water but we know it can be a bit boring and you’d probably rather be drinking something else. But it seems that we need it to keep healthy! We’re always told to drink more water – but how many glasses a day do we really need?

If you only do one thing this week … should you drink more water?

Our bodies contain a large amount of water, in fact, surprisingly it accounts for about two-thirds of our body weight. We could easily fill this page with interesting facts about why you should be drinking our great tasting water and using our bottled water or mains fed water coolers to improve your health, but then you probably already know that you should be drinking 2 litres of water every day, that it makes our bodies perform more efficiently and keeps us healthy.

We guessed you would have noticed that some people get a little tetchy as the day goes on. That the attention wanders and headaches sometimes kick in by the afternoon. You’ve probably looked around the office, especially after lunch to see at least one colleague yawning…

We’re all different and you know best how much you need to drink to stay healthy. You’re clearly on the right path to a well hydrated body so we won’t bore you with the detail.

We’ve all got to drink water…we’d like it to be from an AquaPoint water cooler.