Bottled Water Coolers

AquaPoint rent reliable, modern  Bottled Water Coolers and can deliver to any location within Yorkshire, Humberside and Teeside. Our service is efficient and friendly so if you want the very best value water dispenser, then here it is…Affordable, great value and delivered with a smile! Book your FREE TRIAL now!

  • Cold and Room temperature and Hotand Cold water dispensers
  • Reliable and robust water coolers
  • Anti bacterial hygenic Ultra Violet technology
  • Integral cup dispenser in the Ultra Violet protected area
  • Full drip tray indicator
  • Bottles delivered directly to your office or workplace FREE
  • Indicator lights showing when it is switched on, when it is chilling and when it is heating the water
  • Two taps at a convenient height from the floor
  • Hygienic push button taps remove the risk of touching water outlets

All Inclusive Bottled Water Cooler Deals

  • Any model of water cooler – Floor standing or Desktop
  • Cold and Room Temperature, or Hot and Cold water dispensers
  • Includes all rent and service costs
  • Also includes water – we deliver the agreed number of bottles every month (only if you need them) and deliver them to your office or workplace FREE
  • Plenty of cups
  • No bottle deposits, No machine deposits, No setup charges
  • 12 identical payments a year and no work reconciling invoices monthly

No extras… No catches… Simple!

A simple one year agreement – We will reconcile your account just once per year, give you a statement and invoice you just once for any extra bottles or cups you have taken during the year (over your plan allocation).

Easy to budget… Cap your costs… Less paper!

Our Simple All Inclusive Package Deals are cheaper than our usual list prices and in return, we ask for a monthly direct debit payment .