AquaPoint & CLIC Sargent Partnership


Every day 10 families are told their child has cancer. As the UK’s leading children’s cancer charity, CLIC Sargent is the only organisation to offer them all round care and support.

CLIC Sargent is the single, authoritative, campaigning voice for children and young people with cancer and leukaemia. They campaign to improve the lives of young cancer patients and their families and AquaPoint Water Coolers is proud to be a Corporate partner in support of  this fantastic cause.

AquaPoint  aims to raise as much money as possible so that children with cancer can spend more time at home and less time in hospital. The money raised by the partnership will help fund CLIC Sargent specialist children’s cancer nurses across the UK. 

Cancer treatment can last for years. These nurses will help children spend as much time at home as possible by co-ordinating all the care they need when they get there.

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Vision and mission

The simple aim is to ease the burden of childhood cancer on children, young people and their families.  CLIC Sargent are committed to helping children and young people with cancer and their families with the trauma of diagnosis, the often long journey through treatment and continue to support them afterwards.


To listen and respond in a flexible way to individuals’ needs

To involve children and young people, because they are at the heart of everything they do

To be accountable for delivering high quality services and use resources wisely

Where they work

They operate and deliver care and support both locally and nationally, employing and funding care professionals in hospitals across the UK, including all of the main children cancer treatment centres.

Help us make sure that children can spend as much time at home during their treatment

Where is the money spent?


Pays for a set of colourful storybooks for a child aged under 10, putting cancer and leukaemia into words and illustrations they can relate to. These are an important way of helping children understand and cope with what’s happening to them.


Pays for a DVD to help prepare a young person with cancer to return to school. It helps them keep up with their studies and deal with the emotional challenges of meeting friends and teachers after their experience.


Pays for some toys to create a fun, comfortable environment for children in one of the Homes from Home, which offer families free self-catering accommodation close to the main regional children’s cancer centres. The atmosphere is relaxed and non-clinical, friendly and welcoming.


Pays for a CLIC Sargent Play Specialist to help a child prepare for and cope with treatment, by using models, toys and photos to explain what will happen. When a child is calm, treatment can be given more easily and can also be more effective


Pays for a day’s meals for a family of four staying at Malcolm Sargent House – our holiday home on the Ayrshire coast. The house offers family centered breaks and specialist weekends for young people, siblings, and bereaved families. Everyone there is in a similar situation, making it easy to for them to share their feelings and experiences.


Pays for a CLIC Sargent Social Worker to be there soon after diagnosis, talking to a family one-to-one. Every family is different, so the social worker will assess their individual needs, and offer them appropriate support and services.


Pays for a support group for brothers and sisters of children on treatment. A CLIC Sargent Social Worker will help them understand what is happening, talk about how they are feeling and share their experiences, which can help them cope during this time.


Pays for a benefits advisor to help several families apply for state benefits. Cancer can have a huge effect on a family’s finances, but the benefits application process can be lengthy and complex, putting an extra strain on the family’s relationships and ability to cope at a very difficult time.

How can you help us to help them?

We have designed a special ‘PINKED UP’ charity Water Cooler. AquaPoint will donate £25 to CLIC Sargent for each special ‘PINK COOLER’ sold.

From October 2010, AquaPoint will be selling our exclusive CLIC Sargent water coolers. The cooler is all ‘Pinked up’ so you can show all your staff and visitors how you’re helping to help raise loads of money for CLIC Sargent.

Look out for our special charity offers throughout the year for new ways for our new and existing customers to support us in our fundraising efforts.