Our bottling plant

Private: Our bottling plant

Welcome to our bottling plant. It’s nothing too technical and boring, but let’s give you a brief insight into what goes on in our bottling plant and how we get our water into the bottle and onto your water cooler.

A brief insight

Private: A brief insight

While pictures don’t really do the immaculate hygiene standards justice, I’ve got a few photos together to give you an idea of how the whole thing works. It’s nothing too technical and boring, but gives you a brief insight into what goes on here at the bottling plant.

Careful inspection

Private: Careful inspection

We start with the empty bottles that have been collected by our drivers from you. Each one is carefully inspected for cleanliness and put into racks. Once the racks arrive at the bottling line, the bottles are inspected again and then loaded onto the washer conveyor.

Bottle washer

Private: Bottle washer

The bottles are thoroughly washed, sanitised, and rinsed in our state-of-the-art Bottle Washer. The machine is controlled by computers and washes every bottle for about two minutes in a minimum 60 degree washing solution. The bottle gets rinsed and then sanitised with an ozone solution (a natural steriliser) and finally, the bottles are rinsed again with finished product water (that’s the really good stuff!).

Filling the bottles

Private: Filling the bottles

The bottles then pass through to our filler section. Timers and pneumatic valves ensure each water bottle is properly filled, capped, all without touching a human hand! Did we mention that our bottle’s built-in handle means that there is no easier bottle to lift onto the water cooler than a bottle of AquaPoint Pure water?

On to the conveyor

Private: On to the conveyor

Finally, the bottles pass on to the conveyor where they are date stamped and racked ready for loading onto our vehicles and then delivery to your water cooler. Simple!

Testing at every stage

Private: Testing at every stage

Of course, we are very proud of the standards, cleanliness and sanitary conditions of our bottling plant operation. We test our water when it comes into the plant and for consistency at every stage of the bottling process so we’re always confident of the quality. We also take great care that our bottling and distribution reflects our commitment to a sustainable and environmentally sound business.

Hard, but satisfying, work behind the scenes to bring you a great tasting water for your water cooler!