Terms & Conditions

The Small Print

Our Terms and Conditions are simple:

We will:

  • Agree a routine delivery frequency with you and keep a formal record of this. We will confirm this frequency to you at any time and any changes will be mutually agreed and the formal record amended.
  • Visit to service the equipment every thirteen weeks.
  • In the event of mechanical problems with the equipment, provide you with a firm date for our visit to attend to the equipment.
  • Ensure our delivery and service staff are professional, friendly, and helpful.
  • Return your enquiries promptly and respond as quickly as possible to delivery or service requests. In the unlikely event that a visit was not possible on the day promised, you will be given priority over routine visits the following day.
  • Deliver bottles to the equipment location(s) or any other storage location on your premises that you require.
  • Move the oldest dated product to the front of storage areas and ensure the newest is at the back.
  • Collect all empty bottles promptly at the time of delivery.
  • Promptly provide you with a statement of your account on request. Statements are not sent routinely.
  • Retain the right to change rented equipment and substitute it with items of similar performance.
  • Retain the right to terminate the agreement if your account has any amount outstanding for over 90 days or if you breach the following conditions.

You will:

  • Allow us access to the equipment during normal business hours (9am to 5pm) and make any necessary arrangements to allow our delivery vehicles to park as close as possible to the entry door. Please recognise that water bottles are very heavy.
  • Allow us to vary the due date for service visits to coincide with the next product delivery.
  • Provide a clean, potable mains water supply (not tank fed) to plumbed-in equipment. AquaPoint’s responsibility shall only apply to plumbed-in equipment and not to the supply piping or connections. We recommend for the rated performance of the equipment a minimum of 3 bar (43.5 PSI). The maximum allowable mains water pressure suitable for the machine is 5 bar (72.5 PSI). If your water pressure exceeds the maximum allowable then a fitting of a pressure reducing valve will be required for which a charge will be made.
  • Keep the equipment and bottles in good condition and protected from damage. You will be responsible for insuring or paying for the repair or replacement of any damaged or missing rented equipment placed on your premises. Bottles (full or empty) must be kept in a place with as little light as possible.
  • Return bottles in good condition. The collection and delivery person’s decision shall be final on the condition of returned bottles. Simple Package customers who do not pay bottle deposits will be charged for any damaged bottles at the rate of £6 each.
  • Not move the equipment without our advice as to the suitability of the new location.
  • You will expedite access for our staff and sign for deliveries or service promptly. Any security procedures shall not delay our staff carrying out deliveries or equipment service by more than ten minutes.
  • Pay our invoices within 30 days as agreed overleaf. Any variations to these terms must be formally agreed in writing.
  • Have procedures in place to ensure that the person who signed this agreement has the authority to do so and if they do not have authority, you agree that your organisation will still honour its terms.

We both agree that:

  • Rented equipment and bottles remain the property of AquaPoint.
  • This Agreement is binding for a minimum of twelve months from the start date overleaf and shall automatically continue annually on the same basis. If you wish to terminate the Agreement you will give us written notice by registered post at least three months prior to the anniversary of the Agreement.
  • AquaPoint’s liability in any event shall be limited to the repair or replacement of the equipment and not extend to any consequential loss or damage. Occasional leaks and spillages around drinks equipment are acceptable hazards, it is understood that pure water cannot itself cause marking to carpets and no claim will be made for marks or damage to floor coverings or fittings.
  • If you become bankrupt, insolvent or go into liquidation then we will be given immediate access during normal working hours to collect our equipment. No liquidator or administrator has the right to retain equipment owned by us and you will assist us in its recovery.
  • We may review and change these terms and conditions of business at any time and the current issue shall be that which shall apply and supersede the above. A printed copy of the current terms and conditions is available at any time on request and is available online at aquapoint.co.uk.