Some important information about your water cooler…

Bottled Water Coolers

How it used to be…

  • Boring, basic, ‘white box’ cooler designs
  • Exposed taps that allow dirty fingers to touch the water outlet
  • Water reservoirs that need chemical cleaning in your office?!
  • A white finish that never really looks clean
  • Drip trays stained by tea and coffee dregs and years of use?

and, are you getting the service you deserve?

  • Does the water always taste good?
  • Do you ever suffer from green bottles (algae in the water)?
  • Does your supplier ever let you run out?
  • Do they deliver water without first asking what you need?
  • Do they deliver with a smile and put the bottles wherever you want them?
  • Is your office cluttered with empty bottles?
  • Is your supplier’s bottling plant local?

These days, food miles matter. Transporting bulky water the length of the UK to serve watercooler customers makes no sense. We all have a responsibility to try and ‘buy local’ and minimise the CO2emissions from deliveries. How far away is your current supplier’s bottling plant?

And now…

  • Superb, new designs with colours to match your office
  • Indicator lights to show the machine is working
  • Built-in Cup Dispenser
  • Hygiene protection from push button taps
  • Drip trays cleverly designed so you cannot see the contents
  • Drip tray float indicators to show if the drip tray is full

and with great service…

  • No automatic deliveries of water you don’t needWe will telephone you to ask what you need prior to every delivery. If you have sufficient, we don’t deliver and clutter your office with bottles you dont’t need.
  • Water cooler servicing – regularly and on timeWe will service and clean your water cooler regularly and keep it looking like new.
  • Quiet, no fuss, service and no chemical treatments or sanitising gasses used in your office

When was your watercooler last serviced?
Our simple, easy change now offer

With one quick phone call to us you can switch suppliers and enjoy the latest cooler model, a great tasting water produced to the highest standards, delivered with outstanding customer service.

The Aquapoint team have been providing excellent service to customers in the North of England for over 15 years. Our customer testimonials speak for themselves…

Under contract to your current supplier?
No problem. Leave everything to us. We’ll settle any cancellation payments for you with your current supplier. We will even collect your existing cooler and return it to them if you wish.

Don’t want to pay a penny more?
You won’t. We will honour all your existing prices until Spring 2013. Just provide us with a copy invoice from your existing supplier and we will establish you as an Aquapoint customer on exactly the same price terms.

Switch to us and recieve
TEN x 18.5 litre bottles of
Aquapoint Pure FREE OF CHARGE

Delivered when you want it, of course!

Call 03700 555 700 to switch

or email us an existing copy invoice with a note to or fax 03700 555 600

Bottled Water Coolers