happen to watercoolers – Ever!

Really? Yes, really.

Table Top Cooler all models also available in white

UK businesses are doing their best to address green issues such as carbon emissions, delivery miles and recyclable packaging.

Aquapoint are set to revolutionise the watercooler industry and play our part in helping you reduce your carbon footprint with our new ‘Bag-in-a-Box’ watercooler.

Bag in a box? What, like a wine box?

Yes, exactly. Let us explain.

10 litres of great-tasting water is contained in a bag that is inside a cardboard box.

The box sits inside the new, unique watercooler and is chilled, ready, at all times.

Environmental Benefits

  • The bag and box are 100% recyclable
  • No collection of empty plastic bottles
  • Easy storage of spare boxes within the cooler base means fewer deliveries
  • No service visits are needed to sanitise the cooler

Super Hygiene Standards

The water does not come into contact with any part of the watercooler or any parts that need cleaning. The disposable dispensing tap is built into every box.

But, that’s not all…

Cooler with Storage Base Unit all models also available in white

Save Space!

No storage problems of large plastic bottles in the workplace and no waiting for them to be collected.

Last, but not least, a 10 litre box is a lot easier to lift than a large 19 litre plastic bottle!

This is the future!

Cooler Base Unit (optional) hold three additional boxes of water
all models also available in white

YOU CAN BE ONE OF THE FIRST with this new technology!

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